• Fast completion of production
    Quick production
    customized sample making within 4 hours;
  • More Quality Guarantee

    Quick delivery
    safety inventory of regular products for fast delivery;
  • Free technical consultation
    Free technical consultation
    free service of product guidance and technical consultancy;
  • On-site professional guidance
    On site professional guidance
    on-site technical support for key projects;

UBIUE have 20years more rich experience in the tags deceloping and manufacturing aspect. All of our products is exclusively design for customer's actual demand based on the full consideration of product application environment. termindal read equipment and matching rate of system application software. All products are finished in the Ubique factory, without any outsourcing production. With years improving in the manufacture technical and equipemrnt.Ubique tag has reach the world leading level. By strictly quality control and process execution,we are professional in providing high quality and stable tags withbest price to global customers.

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