In the past 20 years, UBIQUE team sticked to strict QC management and process execution and kept improving the label design,production techniques and even production equipments. We are committed to providing our global parners with high-quality, affordable and reliable smart tags. According to actual applications, UBIQUE provides regular tags matching standard industry demands and customizes tag designs in considering application environment, terminal reading device, and software compatibility ,etc. UBIQUE core products include EAS RF Eco-tag, RFID tags and RFID inlays.


With the continuous R & D for decades,UBIQUE team improved and innovated on the basis of traditional production technique and finally mastered of the epoch- making technology for pruducing die-cut EAS tags which js known as EAS Eco-tag.

with superior performance compared with traditional EAS etching tags.Eco-tag featuros in anti-shielding.high Q factor, and low temperature resistant.In the production process of Eco-tag,we adopted acid/alkali free production technique ;in the light of green production concept, Eco-tag is a letter solution tor rciail loos prevention.

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UBIQUE▪TAG keeps improving RFID label designs and accumulates manufacturing experience from end to end application demands;high quality RFID labels by UBIQUE▪TAG have been applied into many market sectors such as library management,apparel hangtag,supply chain management,medical care,NFC,retail,jewelry,counterfeiting and brand protection,smart cards/tickets,vehicle management and smart electricity meter etc.

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With rich industry experience, integrated technique and advanced manufacturing equipment, UBIQUE.TAG has been proving high quality RFID inlays to the market for decades; our R & D team could offer customized samples from designing to sample making within 4 hours;

The diversified inlay designs enable our clients to make flexible choices according to different application scenerios.

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