The first unmanned SuNing shop soft business today

Time:2018-07-24 Source:UBIQUE.TAG

With the approach of 818, suning online launched shopping carnival at the same time, tighten the layout of offline smart retail. For the future development direction of retail, the three e-commerce giants put forward their own strategies, namely ma yun's "new retail", zhang jindong's "smart retail" and liu qiangdong's "unbounded retail". Media publicity is very lively, consumers are confused, do not make fresh retail exactly where the new?

  Now, suning has become the vanguard of the retail upgrade. This year, suning stores plan to open 5,800 stores, up to today, the number of suning stores has reached nearly 1,100.

  On July 23, unattended suning store opened its trial operation in nanjing. After community store, CBD store and large passenger flow store, unattended store, as the fourth store model of small store, entered the market of convenience store industry to enable consumers to experience the charm of smart retail.

  Innovative robotic arm service

  As soon as he entered the newly opened suning unattended store, the reporter's eyes were immediately attracted by an odd-looking robot arm with a futuristic feel. The robot arm has a structure similar to the human arm, which can move up, down, left and right sensitively.

 Suning store manager told reporters: "this is a major innovation of suning unmanned store. Many people's understanding of unmanned store is still limited to self-service scanning code, mobile payment, and the robot arm can provide simple catering services for consumers. Consumers simply click on an on-screen product to place an order, and multiple robotic arms inside receive instructions to prepare food for them.

  The reporter carefully counted the services provided on the screen and found that there were as many as 20 kinds of products, covering coffee, juice, ice cream and fresh food. It's amazing how hot coffee can be served, how tender a chicken steak can be on the outside, how clever a robotic arm can even make a cone, and how smoothly it can be delivered to consumers. After all, being served by a "robot" is still new to most people.

  Speed self checkout experience

  Suning store manager took reporters to the regular area, this area mainly selling daily necessities: drinks, snacks, cleaning supplies...... Everything fits all the characteristics of a convenience store.

  At this time the reporter found a very strange scene: the regular section of every item on the "long" a small ear - more accurately, a bar code.


  "This bar code is called RFID code," explained suning store manager. "the big difference from the ordinary bar code is that it has a chip inside, which can help customers scan the code quickly."

   In the corner of the store, the reporter saw the self-service checkout area, customers buy goods, no need to scan the code, as long as the one-time purchase of goods into the scanning code area. The machine will automatically identify the RFID code and give the total price of the goods.

This kind of "micro-innovation" makes customers feel very convenient when they enter the store. Although there is no cashier in the store, the efficiency of no cashier is higher than that of someone through technological innovation. The person in charge of suning store said that the time cost and labor cost saved by unmanned technology will be used to further upgrade the supply chain and provide users with more diversified and cost-effective products in APP and physical stores.